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Nursing And Medical Malpractice: How Stressed-Out And Fatigued Nurses Injure Patients

Nursing And Medical Malpractice: How Stressed-Out And Fatigued Nurses Injure Patients

posted on May 05, 2018.

Nurses are the frontline for a patient. If that front line fails to ensure the highest level of care for the patient, medical malpractice – or, in this case, nursing malpractice – occurs.

Our Sherman Oaks medical malpractice attorney from the Mancini & Associates Professional Law Corporation explains that by its nature, nursing malpractice is no different from other forms of medical malpractice. Nursing malpractice occurs when a nurse fails to fulfill his or her medical duties in a way that another competent nurse in the same circumstances would, and that negligent act on the part of the nurse or failure to act injures the patient.

Stressed-out and fatigued nurses can bring disastrous consequences

It is true that nurses serve as the key element of patient safety and well-being in any hospital in Sherman Oaks or elsewhere in California. However, hospitals do not seem to realize this. While nurses are supposed to care for the patient and reduce the risk of medical errors, nurses in our country are not satisfied with their job, which opens the door for nursing malpractice.

A new study found that way too many nurses in America are constantly stressed out, fatigued and are prone to nurse burnout. All these factors are a recipe for disaster. A rule of thumb is that stressed-out, fatigued and exhausted nurses – or any medical professionals, for that matter – cannot perform their medical duties at a top-notch level and it is only a matter of time before they make a mistake.

Lack of sleep, teamwork, respect and consideration

The study found that less than 18 percent of nurses said they slept at least 7 hours at night. Moreover, as many as 77 percent of nurses in the United States said that they have an irregular diet pattern. The vast majority of nurses also agreed that work conditions were unacceptable. A whopping nearly 90 percent of nurses said their hospitals experienced understaffing and were not able to delegate task properly. Meanwhile, 75 percent said they were not satisfied with their hospital administration’s decisions.

Unmotivated medical professionals are also a problem contributing to nursing malpractice. Along with unmotivated colleagues, nurses in America are frustrated by the lack of teamwork, respect, and consideration in their hospitals.

After reviewing the findings of the study, our best medical malpractice attorneys in California say it is no wonder why nurses are named as defendants in medical malpractice cases so often. Unmotivated, stressed-out and fatigued nurses are more likely to make medical mistakes, and that is the number one thing hospitals across America need to realize if they want to protect themselves from costly and preventable medical malpractice lawsuits from injured patients or the family members of patients that died due to medical or surgical errors.

Medical malpractice and nurses

Our Sherman Oaks medical malpractice attorney at the Mancini & Associates Professional Law Corporation explains that hospitals need to hire the best nursing staff and ensure acceptable working conditions for each nurse. There must be strict guidelines in each hospitals helping nurses prevent or cope with stress, fatigue and exhaustion in the workplace.

If you have been injured at a hospital and you believe that it was negligence on the part of the nurse or any other healthcare provider that contributed to your injury, speak to our medical malpractice lawyer immediately. Do not hesitate to get a medical evaluation from the qualified medical professionals we, here at the Mancini & Associates Professional Law Corporation, cooperate with to provide our clients with superb legal representation.

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