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Children Vulnerable after Toy Safety Inspections Plummet

With the holidays behind us, it’s ok to take a deep breath and enjoy a moment. Tell the kids to eat some leftovers and don’t cook tonight. Watch them enjoy their new toys and gizmos. Take the time to enjoy that cup of coffee this morning.

You feel proud. The kids are having fun. You did your holiday shopping and noticed none of the toys are on the recall lists. That’s great.

Or is it?

Due to the pandemic, toy safety inspections are down 25% compared to last year. Maybe your kids aren’t as safe as you think.

The lawyers of Mancini & Associates know all too well what can happen to a family due to a defective product. Product liability can be a tricky and lengthy process. A personal injury lawyer can review your case and help you navigate the legal steps needed to recover damages. If you or someone you love has been injured by a toy or defective product, you need a personal injury attorney in California. The lawyers at Mancini & Associates are highly knowledgeable and can successfully see you through this difficult time.

CPSC Inspections Drop Drastically in 2020

Due to the pandemic, the Consumer Product Safety Commission pulled their toy police from ports around the country for half the year. The goal of the CPSC is to stop hazardous or defective toys before they hit the market. However, due to Covid-19, inspections are drastically down.

  • Inspections averaged 3,000 monthly at the beginning of 2020
  • By May, inspections averaged only 100
  • In August, inspections averaged 47

Parents need to be aware that toys and gadgets are not inherently safe.

Hazardous Toys Kill More Children Every Year

In examining the last three reporting years, the CPSC has seen an increased number of deaths related to defective and unsafe toys in children 12 and under.

  • The majority of deaths are caused by motorized toys (scooters, children’s motor vehicles)
  • A close second are toys that can constrict the airway

When purchasing toys, pay attention to the age labels but don’t forget to use your common sense. As parents, you know your child better than anyone.

Have a toddler prone to chewing and putting things in their mouth? Maybe think twice about decorating that new toddler kitchen with the stickers they can peel off the swallow. Have an infant? Nurseries filled with soft plush toys look beautiful, but year after year, babies die from suffocation.

What Mancini & Associates Can Do for You?

If you or someone you know has been injured or died due to a defective product in California, the attorneys at Mancini & Associates are here for you. Our product liability lawyers successfully help clients

  • Obtain compensation for their medical bills
  • Lost income
  • Pain and suffering damages
  • Possible punitive damages
  • Pain and suffering damages
  • Wrongful death

Call us for a free consultation by clicking here or calling us at 818-783-5757. Let our dedicated team fight to see you and your family receive the compensation you deserve.


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