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Medical and Legal Malpractice Lawyers

Professionals in the workplace are held in high esteem. Society often expects a higher standard of performance from physicians and lawyers. Whenever this performance falls short and is responsible for causing physical, emotional and financial injury, you may be entitled to damages for your pain, suffering and financial loss. The court may also add on punitive damages as a way to prevent similar injury to others in the future.

Types of Professional Malpractice and Examples

At Mancini & Associates in Sherman Oaks, California, our professional malpractice attorneys have a well-earned reputation for representing clients harmed by actions or negligence committed by:

Attorneys – failure to properly file a lawsuit, giving incorrect legal advice, missing a deadline or allowing the statute of limitations to run out

Doctors, Nurses, Hospitals, Healthcare Workers – negligence or improper treatment that causes harm to a patient, failure to properly diagnose a condition, breach of confidentiality, lack of consent, and other failures to perform duties

Accountants and Tax Preparers – negligence such as improperly prepared financial documents or tax returns, fraudulently misrepresenting a client’s net worth resulting in damage to a credit rating

Engineers and Architects – defective designs, use of wrong building materials, poor supervision of workers resulting in substandard construction

Free Initial Consultation to Discuss Medical and Legal Malpractice

If you have been harmed by the negligence of a legal, medical, engineering, or tax professional, contact Mancini & Associates today. Our professional malpractice lawyers serve clients throughout the entire Southern California entire. We offer free initial consultations and Spanish bilingual services. Call us at 818-783-5757 Se Habla Español.