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Los Angeles Harassment Attorneys

Every employee is entitled to feel safe and free from harassment. At Mancini & Associates, we aggressively protect the rights of workers throughout California. Whether you have experienced workplace harassment based on sex, race, disability, or more, we are committed to fighting for the compensation you deserve.

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How Prevalent is Workplace Harassment?

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) conducted a nationwide study of Harassment in the Workplace. They found that while harassment remains “a persistent problem,” it often goes unreported.

There were an estimated 28,000 charges filed in the last reporting year, as detailed below:

  • 45% for sex
  • 34% based on race
  • 19% based on disability
  • 15% for age
  • 13% based on national origin

The EEOC also focused its study on environmental risk factors. Some common contributing factors in workplace harassment include:

  • Lack of diversity
  • Social discourse outside the workplace
  • Significant power disparities
  • Frequent and monotonous low-intensity tasks
  • Isolated workspaces
  • Decentralized workplaces

If you or someone you know has experienced harassment in the workplace, call Mancini & Associates today.

What Constitutes Workplace Harassment?

Workplace harassment is never acceptable. At Mancini & Associates, we have successfully represented numerous harassment claims. Some examples of harassment include:

  • Race and color
  • Ethnicity
  • Nationality
  • Sexual orientation
  • Pregnancy status
  • Marital status
  • Gender identity
  • Disability
  • Religion or creed
  • Age

Unfortunately, not all forms of harassment are obvious. Workers may feel uncomfortable in certain settings but are unsure if their experience qualifies. Some common forms and examples of harassment involve the following:

  • Discriminatory harassment:
    • Usually characterized by derogatory slurs, inappropriate jokes, and exclusion
  • Personal harassment:
    • The most basic harassment involves critical remarks, ostracizing behavior, intimidation tactics, humiliation, offensive jokes, and comments
  • Physical harassment:
    • Characterized by hitting, shoving, kicking, threatening behavior, destroying property
  • Power harassment:
    • Usually involving demeaning demands below an employee’s capability, excessive demands, or intrusion into their personal life
  • Psychological harassment:
    • An employee may be isolated, belittled, discredited, or the subject of rumors
  • Cyberbullying:
    • Typically characterized by online humiliation tactics, spreading embarrassing rumors via email or instant messages, or unwanted online badgering
  • Retaliation:
    • Involves a co-worker, supervisor, or owner engages in harassing behavior as a revenge tactic
  • Sexual harassment:
    • Usually characterized by sharing sexually explicit content, sexual jokes, comments, touching, and gestures
  • Quid pro quo sexual harassment:
    • Is exchange-based sexual conduct to receive a job offer, promotion, raise, or avoid termination
  • Third-party harassment:
    • Characterized by a vendor, supplier, customer, or client engaging in harassing behavior rather than a supervisor or colleague
  • Verbal harassment:
    • Usually characterized by threats, yelling, insults, or excessive cursing

Our Los Angeles harassment attorneys are here to discuss your case at length to determine the best course of action.

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