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Los Angeles Severance Agreement Attorney

It’s not uncommon for employers to offer employees severance agreements upon termination. These agreements may provide certain benefits to an employee but typically tend to greatly favor the employer.

It is important for employees to understand they are under no obligation to sign a severance agreement, and they should know their rights before doing so. If presented with a severance agreement upon termination, please contact our Los Angeles severance agreement attorneys at Mancini & Associates. We may be able to modify the terms of your agreement in a manner that is more beneficial for you, or we may even advise you not to sign the agreement at all if you have grounds to take legal action against your employer.

What does a typical Los Angeles severance agreement look like?

Many employers choose to offer terminated employees some amount of compensation and/or other benefits in exchange for a release of all claims against the employer, presented in the form of a severance agreement.

The specific benefits that may be included in a severance package can vary on a case-by-case basis. Common examples include:

  • Financial compensation in the form of either a one-time payment or continuation of wages for a set period of time
  • A temporary extension of health insurance or other benefits
  • Job search;
  • Neutral or favorable job reference to prospective employers.

These benefits may naturally appeal to an employee who is worried about their financial prospects in the weeks or months after their termination. Knowing there is no guarantee that they will find employment elsewhere right away, a terminated employee may feel tempted to immediately sign a severance agreement to ease their concerns.

This is understandable. However, because severance agreements typically require the employee to release and waive any and all claims against the employer. By signing the document, the employee is effectively waiving most of their legal rights against the employer. Accordingly, it is wise to consult with a legal expert before agreeing to accept the terms of a severance agreement.

How our Los Angeles attorneys can help with severance agreements

Our Los Angeles attorneys can help you with your severance agreement by:

  • Explaining whether you have claims against an employer that you would be unable to act upon if you were to sign a severance agreement
  • Explaining if the terms of the severance agreement are fair
  • Negotiating the terms of your severance agreement and
  • Providing assistance if your employer in fails to fullfill the terms of the agreement

Contact our Los Angeles Severance Agreement Attorneys Today

Before signing a severance agreement, protect yourself by contacting our Los Angeles attorneys at Mancini & Associates today. Learn more about how we can help by Getting contacting us online or 818-783-5757   to schedule your free consultation.

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