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Los Angeles Wrongful Termination Attorneys

If you have been terminated unlawfully, it is important to know you have options. At Mancini & Associates, our Los Angeles wrongful termination attorneys have the skills and resources you need to stand up for your rights.

Our experienced legal team will provide the aggressive representation you need to recover the compensation you deserve. Contact our wrongful termination lawyers for a free consultation by clicking here or calling 818-783-5757.

How is Wrongful Termination Defined in Los Angeles?

Many laws govern the employee/employer relationship. Our employment law attorneys have extensive experience helping California residents protect their rights. At Mancini & Associates, we have successfully defended our clients against an array of unfair practices and injustice.

Wrongful termination involves complex laws that overlap, including:

  • Discrimination:
    Unfair treatment due to:

    • Age
    • Disability
    • Genetic Information
    • Harassment
    • National Origin
    • Pregnancy
    • Race/Color
    • Religion
    • Sex
    • Gender
    • Sexual orientation
    • Marital Status
  • Harassment:
    Inappropriate comments, jokes, touching, or threatening behavior

    • Sexual harassment or abuse
  • hostile work environment :
    The culture or atmosphere of a workplace that negatively affects a person or group by engaging in unlawful behavior, including harassment and discrimination:
  • Retaliation :
    Revenge sought against a person or persons, usually due to a workplace complaint
  • Whistleblower :
    Retaliation against an employee for outing unlawful company activities
  • Contract violations :
    Unlawful termination of an agreement, usually involving withheld benefits and wages
  • Requested protected rights :
    Employees are entitled to certain job protections under specific laws, including:

If you feel your rights have been violated due to an unlawful dismissal, our Los Angeles wrongful termination attorneys may be able to help you through this difficult time.

What To Do If You Have Been Wrongfully Terminated?

Unexpectedly losing your employment can be overwhelming. The wrongful termination lawyers of Mancini & Associates are here to help. If you feel your termination was unlawful, it is crucial to discuss your case with an experienced attorney. Our knowledgeable legal team can guide you through the necessary steps to protect yourself.

First, file a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). After an investigation, the EEOC may prosecute the case or issue a Right to Sue letter.

It should be noted that your wrongful termination attorney may be able to obtain an immediate Right to Sue notice

According to the latest data, the most frequent claims to the EEOC involve:

  • Retaliation, accounting for 55.8% of charges filed
  • Disability accounts for 36.1% of complaints
  • The race is the reason 32.7% of workers file charges

The EEOC only finds merit in 17.4% of claims brought against their employers. Having skilled, determined, and aggressive representation could mean the difference between securing justice or having your complaint dismissed.

At Mancini & Associates, our wrongful termination attorneys will stand up for your rights and fight to recover the compensation you deserve.

The Experienced Los Angeles Wrongful Termination Attorneys You Can Trust

Consult one of our wrongful termination lawyers in Los Angeles today for a free case evaluation by clicking here or calling 818-783-5757.

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