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Sherman Oaks Defamation Attorneys

An individual’s reputation plays a significant role in their personal life, as well as their professional life.

An individual’s personal or professional reputation may be damaged if someone makes harmful and false statements about them. This is called defamation.

Being the victim of defamation can be a stressful experience. If this has happened to you, it is possible to take legal action in a manner that may both restore your reputation and yield compensation for the damages caused by the defamatory statements. Contact our experienced Sherman Oaks defamation attorneys at Mancini & Associates to learn more about your legal options.

Forms of defamation

Defamation is a general term that refers to libel and slander. Both libel and slander involve making false statements about an individual that can harm their reputation.

Slander occurs when an individual orally makes false and injurious statements about another to a third party . Libel is when an individual makes a false and injurious statement about another in writing.

When defamation occurs

There are various reasons why defamation occurs in professional settings. The following are merely a few common examples:

  • A business rival may commit slander or libel in order to harm the reputation of one of their competitors.
  • In some instances, when asked to provide a job reference for a former employee who is now applying for a position with a different organization, an employer may commit defamation in order to retaliate against a said employee.
  • Even when not being asked to provide a job reference, a former employer might defame an employee who was recently terminated or who recently resigned when speaking about them to their coworkers or clients, which can still negatively impact the reputation of said employee.

A Sherman Oaks defamation lawyer can help if you or someone you know has been a victim of defamation.

A successful defamation lawsuit may deliver financial, professional, and personal benefits to the victim, including compensation, restoration of reputation, and preventing further defamation in the future. allows them to regain their deserved professional status, may result in the victim being compensated, and allows them to demonstrate to their peers that they are not guilty of that which they may have been accused of.



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