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Sherman Oaks Race Discrimination Attorneys

Are you struggling to cope after your employer took adverse action against you? Do you have reason to believe your race played a part in your employer’s decisions? If so, you may be in need of a legal advocate.

Race discrimination in Sherman Oaks is not only unscrupulous, it is against the law. When you are ready to get justice for what you have been through, get help from a respected Sherman Oaks race discrimination attorney at Mancini & Associates.

If we are able to take on your case, we will work tirelessly to obtain maximum compensation for your suffering. Continue reading to find out more about what you should do if you have been a victim of race discrimination.

What is Race Discrimination in Sherman Oaks?

Racial discrimination is a major problem in Sherman Oaks, the state of California, and across the U.S. it occurs when someone is treated unjustly due to their race or characteristics they have that are associated with a particular race. This might include not only the color of your skin, but certain facial features, hairstyles, your name, and other personal characteristics.

Under state and federal law, employers who discriminate against employees due to their race can face serious civil consequences. Still, many victims of race discrimination in Sherman Oaks are hesitant to reach out to an attorney because they are not sure whether they have grounds for a claim.

Common Types of Sherman Oaks Race Discrimination

Due to the fact that there are so many types of work industries in Sherman Oaks, there are endless ways you might experience discrimination at work due to your race. When this happens, you might deal with:

  • A pay reduction
  • Demotion
  • Loss of promotion opportunities
  • Harassment and intimidation
  • Disciplinary action
  • Lay-offs
  • Termination

Thankfully, when you have been discriminated against for your race at work in Sherman Oaks, you can do something about it. You might have been temporarily knocked down, but you can come back and take control of your life. Make your unjust employer pay when you file legal action against them. If your claim is successful, you could be awarded:

  • Back pay
  • Compensation for diminished earning capacity
  • Loss of benefits
  • A promotion
  • Reinstatement in your position
  • Damages for mental anguish
  • Compensation for reputational damage

Are you ready to bring your employer to justice and stand up for your rights? Our Sherman Oaks race discrimination attorneys can help.

Reach Out to a Race Discrimination Attorney in Sherman Oaks Today

Discrimination in the workplace due to your race is completely unacceptable. You should be able to work in your position without unjust treatment due to the color of your skin. Get help making your employer pay for these wrongful acts.

Contact a dedicated Sherman Oaks race discrimination attorney at Mancini & Associates to get started today. Schedule your free, no-obligation consultation when you contact our office by phone at 818-783-5757. Or fill out our online contact form and we will reach out to you to find out more about what has happened to you.

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