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Sherman Oaks Wage and Hour Attorney

The relationship between employer and employee centers around fair wages in exchange for labor. You are entitled to be compensated for your work. However, if your employer violates those rights, it is imperative that you consult a Sherman Oaks wage and hour attorney as soon as possible.

The dedicated legal team of Mancini & Associates understands the frustration individuals have when they are not fully paid for their time and effort. Our unpaid wage lawyers have extensive experience recovering earnings for our clients. For more than two decades, we have represented hard-working employees in California.

If you believe you have not received the income you are owed, reach out to Mancini & Associates and schedule a free consultation by 818-783-5757.

What Are Your Wage and Hour Rights Under Federal and State Laws?

Recent changes to wage and hour laws can make understanding your employee rights difficult. The most important information is as follows:

Minimum Wage

The minimum wage in California is dependent on the size of the employer. For example:

  • If an employer has 1-25 employees, the minimum wage is $13.00
  • If an employer has 26 or more employees, the minimum wage is $14.00
  • California aims to increase the minimum wage to $15.00 for all employees by 2023

Minimum Wage for Tipped Employees

All employees in California are entitled to minimum wage regardless of additional tipped income.


Overtime eligibility occurs when:

  • An employee works more than 8 hours a day
  • More than 40 hours in a week
  • If an employee works more than 12 hours in a day, they are entitled to double time
  • If an employee works 7 days in a row, they are entitled to time and a half for the first 8 hours, then double time for any additional hours

Not every occupation is eligible to receive overtime pay. It is best to consult with a wage and hour lawyer in Sherman Oaks to better understand overtime laws.

What Are Common Violations of the Wage and Hour Laws in Sherman Oaks?

Wage and hour violations are more common than many employees realize. Some employers take advantage of the complexities in labor laws to withhold overtime pay or commit other infringements. The Wage and Hour Division of the US Department of Labor found that the average employee was owed $1,120 in back wages.

Additionally, Trends in Wage and Hour Settlements, a recent study that tracked violations, concluded that:

  • Wage and hour settlements sharply increased by 26% over the last year
  • Overtime violations accounted for 40% of all settled cases
  • In the last reporting year, the average settlement for wage and hour claims increased by 64%

The most common violations of wage and hour laws in California are:

  • Misclassification of employees as independent contractors
  • Misclassification of employees as exempt from overtime
  • Failure to pay wages for all hours worked
  • Failure to pay sales commissions

If you feel your employer has misclassified your employment status or otherwise withheld wages you are owed, call Mancini & Associates to discuss your options.

Choose Mancini & Associates as Your Sherman Oaks Wage and Hour Lawyer

At Mancini & Associates, our highly sought legal team will fight for the compensation you deserve. We provide our clients with close, personal service, responsive communication, and aggressive representation.

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