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Sherman Oaks Whistleblower Attorneys

The ideal whistleblower is an individual who, for the benefit of the public at large, exposes fraud or other malfeasance on the part of a company. Unfortunately, an employee who chooses to blow the proverbial whistle on his employer faces a very real risk of retaliation in the form of unjustified write-ups, demotions suspension, and even termination.

Mancini & Associates has experienced Sherman Oaks whistleblower attorneys on its team. Our lawyers will take the time to learn about your potential whistleblower matter. From there, we can properly guide you through the litigation process with the ultimate goal being to provide you with justice in the form of compensation.

Can An Employer Retaliate Against a Whistleblower?

Employers are responsible for following federal, state, and local statutes. In California, workers who find their employer is out of compliance with the law can report the incident to the proper authorities or bring the issue up to their employer.  The state offers whistleblowers certain protections from retaliation under sections of the Labor Code and the California Whistleblower Protection Act. Notably, a good faith, but erroneous belief that the employer is engaging in prohibited activity, may still be protected. An employer’s belief that an employee may become a whistleblower may also lead to retaliatory actions.

An employer may choose to retaliate against a worker who reports its actual or perceived legal violations to authorities. In this instance, the worker can take solace in the fact that he or she tried to do the right thing. Although, that may provide little comfort when faced with write-ups, demotions, suspension, and even termination of employment.

A whistleblower is acting in the best interest of their community and the public at large. Accordingly, this individual should not be penalized for trying to do the right thing. An experienced whistleblower attorney may help to ensure that a whistleblower’s rights are protected.

When Do You Need To Hire a Sherman Oaks Whistleblower Attorney?

You may need a Sherman Oaks whistleblower attorney if you have made allegations and/or complaints of fraud or other malfeasance, such as an unsafe workplace, and if you believe that your employer has retaliated or may be retaliating against you as a result. In such instances, our experienced attorneys may be of assistance to you.

You may also consult with an attorney before you voice your complaints or make such allegations. Our employment law attorneys can review your allegations and offer advice and recommendations to help you proceed in the best possible way. We can also provide insights to help you avoid retaliation after you make your claim.

Find An Experienced Sherman Oaks Whistleblower Attorney

If you are considering reporting a Sherman Oaks employer’s violations to the government or have already done so, you may need legal assistance. Fortunately, an experienced Sherman Oaks whistleblower attorney can make a world of difference.

Mancini & Associates has Sherman Oaks whistleblower lawyers who are committed to protecting our clients and helping our clients achieve success in litigation. Our attorneys can provide guidance as you prepare to submit a whistleblower claim or help guard against retaliation from your employer. In cases of whistleblower retaliation, we will do our best to see that you are fairly compensated for the damages you may have suffered. To learn more or set up a free consultation, please contact us online or call us today at 818-783-5757.

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